Mobile Robot Platform

Austrobotic's mobile robot platform is a versatile, rugged, easy-to-use robot for your outdoor projects. It's Ethernet interfaces allow easy integration of almost any given sensors and processing units. The platform has excellent rough terrain capabilities, it's variable track geometry allows driving through vegetation and stair climbing. It is submersible in water and strong enough to pull a minivan.

Technical Data *

Length 98 cm
Width 58 cm
Height 35 cm
Weight 45 kg (with all accessories listed below)
Environmental protection IP67
Temperature range -20°C to 60°C
Maximum Payload 30 kg (not including accessories)
Interface Ethernet (platform implements server which listens to simple TCP/IP commands)
Speed 5 km/h (higher speeds available upon request)
Operating Voltage 18-30 Volt


Battery Enables 3 hours of continous driving
Battery-charger Loads all kinds of batteries
Video 2 color cameras (front/rear) which deliver H.264 low-latency video at D1 resolution
Wireless Interface wireless interface for up to 500 m line-of-sight remote control, 2 redundant antennas
Ethernet Switch ruggedized 8-port Ethernet switch which fits temperature range
Emergency brakes Mechanically stop the robot after power-loss

Coming soon - inquire now!

* preliminary specification is subject to change without prior notice